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The installation of an additional motor on a bicycle is governed by DECREE 341/2002 Coll., And a subsequent amendment. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this decree and take into account all the specified conditions arising from it. By purchasing an engine kit or a wheel with this kit, you take full responsibility for any consequences associated with its use.

Information on Sunway motorcycles and motorcycle kits

Motorcycle, or "bicycle with an auxiliary motor" - the characteristics of the bicycle, where the motor can be removed, must be preserved, and the bicycle can also be used as a normal bicycle. The speed of this bike must not exceed 25 km / h, the engine power has a limit of 1 kW (for e-bikes only 250W) and the content of the internal combustion engine must not exceed 50 ccm. If this is met, the driver does not need to have a driver's license.


Prohlášení o shodě pro motorový kit Sunway 2t

Prohlášení o shodě pro motorový kit Sunway 4t

Kartička pro motokola

The most important points of the Decree relating to engine superstructures fitted with an internal combustion engine (point 8 of Annex No. 13).
The bicycle can be additionally equipped with an auxiliary motor, if: a) the original character of the bicycle will be preserved (according to Articles 1, 2), b) the auxiliary motorbike will adequately meet the conditions of the provisions of Section 19 of the Act, c) its power does not exceed 1 kW, d) if an internal combustion engine is used, such engine shall not have a cylinder capacity (cylinders) greater than 50 cm3, e) the maximum design speed shall not exceed 25 km.h-1, f) the installation of the propulsion system (engine, fuel tank or accumulator) on the bicycle does not require intervention on its supporting parts.
If the vehicle meets all the above requirements, it is still considered a bicycle for the purposes of this Decree.
Czech manuals to download:

Manuál pro motorový kit Sunway 4T

manuál pro motorový kit Sunway 2t - boční montáž

In the event of any discrepancies between the Czech and English versions, the Czech version shall prevail.

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