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Motorcycles and scooters 

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  • 33 065 Kč 38 900 Kč In stock
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    The practical CU mini e-scooter is suitable for recreational areas as well as crowded cities. The modern design consists of several elements such as the LED headlight system, colorful design and practical storage spaces. The motorcycle can be registered for use on roads (number plate). The motorcycle is delivered in its original packaging, disassembled...

  • 34 900 Kč In stock

  • 36 990 Kč In stock

  • 38 990 Kč In stock

    Barton Motors Energy 2.0 electric scooter

  • 41 990 Kč In stock

    Barton Motors Fighter ECO 50cc 4t Motorcycle

  • 42 990 Kč In stock

    Updated version of the Volcano 50 This chopper-style machine gives its owner a tough character. A classic look with modern rims is the perfect combination for any two-wheeler. The wide rear tire soaks up bumps and lets you fully enjoy every ride. The shaped seat with raised handlebars provides a very comfortable position and guarantees the driver and...

  • 44 990 Kč In stock

    Barton Motors Sprint RS 50cc 4t Motorcycle

  • 45 990 Kč In stock

    Tres Barton Motors electric scooter  A three-wheel scooter will make it easier to deal with everyday matters without worrying about whether we will be able to move safely on the road. Thanks to the stability provided by the two-axle design of the scooter and greater controllability than a classic scooter, our age or handicap does not matter when riding....

  • 49 900 Kč In stock

    Barton Motors Falcon 50cc 4t Scooter

  • 49 990 Kč In stock

  • 51 900 Kč In stock

    Barton Motors Falcon 125cc 4t Scooter

  • 52 990 Kč In stock

    Barton Motors FR 48cc 4t motorcycle Barton FR not only has a modern look, but also the latest technology. The front LED headlight, LED turn signals and tail light ensure good visibility after dark and allow you to be seen more clearly on the road. An important element guaranteeing safety is the front hydraulic disc brake, which absorbs approximately 70%...

  • 54 900 Kč In stock

  • 54 900 Kč In stock

    Barton Street-R is a unique representative of 125 class motorcycles. It combines modern design, dynamic engine, high quality and low price!

  • 54 990 Kč In stock

  • 58 990 Kč In stock

    Powerful model of the popular type of electric scooter X-scooters XR08 with 2000W motor and 60V battery. A 67.2V 5A charger and a phone holder are included. The scooter can be registered for operation on land roads (number plate). The scooter is delivered in its original packaging, disassembled for transport. Undemanding assembly, however we recommend...

  • 68 424 Kč 80 499 Kč In stock
    Reduced price!

    CUX pleases with its appearance but also with higher performance compared to the CU Mini model. The drive is provided by a high-quality BOSCH engine. The control panel consists of a modern LCD with an indicator of speed, battery status, world, cruise control. The red version does not have cruise control, but it also includes a holder for the rear box....

  • 74 990 Kč In stock

    Barton Motors Enduro GT 125cc 4t Motorcycle The new Barton Grand Tourer 2022 is a proposition for motorcyclists who desire adventures full of emotion, including those far from home.

  • 76 990 Kč In stock

    Barton Motors Active 50cc 4t scooter

  • 82 190 Kč In stock

    Barton Motors Enduro Hyper 125cc 4t Motorcycle The Barton Hyper is an enduro style motorcycle. Its high position and considerable ground clearance underline its off-road character

  • 89 900 Kč In stock

    Motorcycle BLADE-R 125cc 4t Barton Motors At first glance, the Barton Blade-R 125 gives you a clear idea of the rider it was designed for. The sporty lines of the body, the sharp shapes of the front cover with a clearly exposed set of modern LED lamps (including central daytime running lights), double disc brakes at the front and single disc at the back...

  • 94 900 Kč In stock

    Unique not only in appearance, but also in comfort. This is our new attractive electric motorcycle X-scooters XRS01 Raptor PRO. It is powered by a 3000W motor and its life is a 72V 100Ah battery. This unique motorcycle reaches a speed of 75 km/h, the real range is 150 km, the load capacity is 200 kg. The motorcycle can be registered for use on roads...

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