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The operator of an Internet business is committed , that your personal data will not provide any third party . The necessary personal data are transmitted only carriers ( name , address , or . Phone ). According to the law, your data will be secured and used only for communication between the seller and buyer .


We will be able to offer our services , we need to know some of your personal information . We respect your privacy , and therefore we try to minimize the amount of this data to the bare essentials and protect the data from misuse . Our work with personal data is fully subject to legal standards , especially the law on protection personal data .

Personal data

Since you as the customer's physical person , we in the purchase request following information : name and last name , complete mailing address , telephone links , e- mail address . This data is necessary for your identification , for communication with you , for the sale of goods and the posting of your payment for goods . If you are shopping as a company, we also need the company's registered office address , ID number and VAT number.

Data about your activity

Information about your purchases , complaints and other of your activities in our online store , are also confidential nature and are subject to the same safety rules as work with personal data .


All data, that about you and your purchases we obtain , protect front misuse . Nobody other information we make ( except for companies providing shipping services or payment intercourse , which receives the necessary minimum of information about the customer , necessary for the smooth execution of specific orders ). This information serves only for the quality provision of our services . We reserve the right to use your data to send information about discounts , news and other marketing activities . In each of these steps sent to the e- mail 's instructions , as we simply tell , that the sending of information do not and such use us to disable . Also, you have the right at any time to us in writing to communicate any changes , additions , request about liquidate all of your personal data , which you we previously provided .

Your consent

By confirming your consent to the processing of personal data, you agree to the use of personal data to the extent specified and you agree to the above rules .


 In the event of any discrepancies between the Czech and English versions, the Czech version shall prevail.

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